Happy Hour in Toddlerville


wp_20160914_004Last week was wild. By Friday afternoon, after a week of intense work and Thursday night emergencies with other family members, I was ready to jump off the zooming train and land on soft, comfortable dirt, bushes, or cacti…anything to stop and breathe. Thursday was the pinnacle of chaos. My heart was breaking for my family in trouble.

Friday morning comes along and I see our office hotline calendar at work and notice the colored-in circle on Thursday’s date: a full moon!

That is why people parked crooked at WalMart on Thursday afternoon and why all hell broke loose that night with phone calls and text messages about the two massive difficulties on either side of my family! Thursday night was all “dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria.” I thought the monster from Stranger Things was going to burst through the ceiling any moment.

I blame it on the full moon. 😉

Friday Afternoon Happy Hour: Mega Blocks, Winnie the Pooh, and a Sam Adams Octoberfest, please!wp_20160914_002-2

After the rippling effect of the proverbial boulders falling in the water had settled, and after a workday of foggy-viewed, head-ache infused tedium had ebbed, I got home to my sweet Mac Attack, whose attack was snuggles and kisses, and a promising half hour of mega-block castle building pared with Winnie the Pooh on in the background and a Sam Adams Octoberfest (only 1 for Mama).

My how happy hour has changed. The only stress for that short time was if a Mega Block tower fell down and when the Heffalumps and Woozles invaded Pooh’s dreams. And even the latter is a pretty entertaining show. (Good grief! What were those 1960s Disney cartoonists and composers smoking?) 😉




(Things did settle down in one situation, and the other will soon work out.)


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