3 Day Potty Training – New Adventures, New Town, New Year


I am back. Since my last post, I have moved to a new town and we have a very new life on the Emerald Coast in Florida. My husband received a call from a recruiter and a great job opportunity with a really good company. We got the call in August, got the offer at the beginning of October, and after downsizing a 3 bdrm, 2 bath house with a full two car garage of storage and moving our family, we were in our new, albeit beautiful, but TWO bedroom apartment in 27 days. Whew. After more downsizing and the fun of the holiday season, I am back on my blog schedule. I wish I could say I’m organized enough to blog during extremely chaotic times, but that just ain’t true. I do continuously journal, however. So, I’ve missed you guys and I’m glad to be back.

wp_20170109_005And my first post on my first day back at it is on this whole 3-day potty training craze. We start today! I am home, for now, with my son. Before we moved, I worked full time and I had planned on doing the 3-day training a few months ago over a holiday weekend, but a little Cat 1 hurricane called Hermine hit us, and well, although I had still planned on potty training despite the hurricane, to the point that I went to Toys “R” Us to buy our Paw Patrol potty while everyone else was buying hurricane supplies (we were already stocked), the circumstances proved to be too much for me. So, here we are: a new home and town, a new year, and ready for a new phase of toddlerhood…and parenthood!

There are lots of sites that help with how to do this. You can even buy programs. I talked with friends about their experiences (thanks and shout out to my friend, Jonathan and my other friend, Blake) and read online. I like this article in Parenting magazine. What this article doesn’t include is that you should keep the potty with you in every room your in, which I learned from my friend Jonathan. That worked this morning until Mac was in his room, playing with his trains, and was all, “I don’t want to go potty, Mom! Take the potty out of my room!” I think he’ll be cool with it in the living room, since he hasn’t really noticed it. I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t want my potty by my bed, either. Also, you’re supposed to let your kid go for a month without underwear – only pants. That’s also not in this article, but is what I learned from friends. So, we’ll see how that goes.

The article says you’re supposed to take them or ask them to go every 15 minutes. My kid started looking at me like I had 3 heads. So, I backed off a little. He has put everything in the potty, before, so he’s used to the feeling, a little. I think he’s ready. He just turned 2 in October, and he started potty training at his former daycare before we left. We had a pretty good rhythm. He regressed a little when we moved over. Out of nowhere, he wouldn’t even try, and I couldn’t get him to. Hopefully this works. We’ll know in 3 days…and then another month. I am trying not to annoy him by having him constantly drink. I have Honest Kids juice boxes which are fun for him to drink, so I plan to use those to get more liquid into him.

wp_20170109_001I put him in this extra orange t-shirt I had as an extra shirt from when I made (ahem…threw together) my husband’s Halloween Tigger costume this year. I grabbed a sash I had for a “belt,” and he loves it! He looks like a brightly adorned Jesus or like he’s wearing a kimono, haha. The article suggests putting them in an oversized shirt to cover everything, but for easy access (no pulling down and pulling up, just going). I’d let him run around in his birthday suit, but it’s dead of winter and the coldest days we’ve had (yes, I know, we’re at the beach how cold can it get? But, we’re north Florida or LA – Lower Alabama). A little coverage helps.

One final tool that my friend Blake sent me is a fabulous potty training video geared toward toddlers. It’s helpful and teaches sign language and cute songs that Mac liked. It repeats and is a little annoying for adults, but it preps them for their new adventure. As an educational tool, I like it.

Have plenty of Clorox wipes on hand! I wipe the potty after each time he uses it. Also, if you can stay on tile, do it. If you’re like me and you have carpet (not my choice) Folex is a cleaner my mom told me about and you can find it at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It is awesome! For stains, every mom needs a bar of Fels-Naptha! Thanks to my longest and best friend Jennifer and SIL Kelly for that info. It gets out stains like nobody’s business!

Find a reward for when your child actually goes in the potty. We potty, wash hands, and he gets 2 or 3 marshmallows or Reece Pieces. However, that being said, the only way I could get Mac to try and sit on the potty this morning was by letting him eat his cheese toast in his pop up tent, per his request. He didn’t go, but he sat on the potty! So, whatever it takes…within reason. 🙂

Since I wrote this, he has gone twice. The longer shirt proves very helpful as it caught some of the urine and the rest went in the potty. So, he’s now in one of my oversized old t-shirts and the second shirt has stayed clean! Baby Steps.

Be good,



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