“It’s Your Destiny, Destiny!”


The ocean has no walls. Who knew?

Who would’ve thought living in Destin would be my Destiny? However, it’s not just destiny that leads you someplace, rather an intricate tapestry of hard work, failure, successes, focus, and rhythm that is your life.

It is because of my husband’s years of hard work that we are here. Not because of luck or chance.

Lately, I have been swimming around, bumping into walls, clicking apply, apply, apply on job sites, repeatedly getting headaches in the monotony of being one in millions (okay hundreds) of job applicants. Teaching jobs? Wrong time of year and I live in a small area. Substituting? The pay doesn’t justify putting my son in daycare or finding a nanny. My wine business is growing, but that’s supplemental income. Trying to find employment has been discouraging, especially when I’ve never had difficulty finding employment. Now, yes, I work every day in my home. I am not idle. I teach my son, I potty trained him, and we spend our days together learning and playing. I have saved us in the cost of daycare and diapers. I love being with my son. These are precious days. However, we have goals for our family, and I need full time employment.

I am blessed in my spouse because he sees in me what I sometimes fail to. I was stuck in a box of what I have done and what I think I can do and what I’ve experienced. This new life, and this new area has pushed me in a new and unique direction that I never would’ve gone had we not moved here.image

My husband’s vision and a potential opportunity because of my past hard work has inspired me, along with a series of events. These strands of the tapestry are come ing together for our benefit; even so, I still had mental blocks. Through loving conversation and discovered information, I was freed. I finally saw the walls that have been blocking me. And they were all in my head! In the ocean, there are no walls. In life, there are no walls!

We watched Finding Nemo all the time. Now we watch Finding Dory all the time. 🙂 In Finding Dory, I am  the near-sighted whale shark, Destiny because I am freaking blind. I am really near-sighted. So without corrective vision, I bump into things. It was while I was having this epiphany that I saw the part in Finding Dory when Destiny realizes her destiny…we are more alike than just being literally near-sighted.

(Spoiler alert):  the whale shark Destiny in Finding Dory, has spent her life in an ocean institute that practices “rescue, rehabilitation, and release;” however, Destiny who is a near-sighted whale shark who literally bumps into walls all the time, needed to get out and help her “pipe pal” Dory. Bailey, her beluga whale neighbor and friend who has the “world’s most powerful pair of glasses,” in his echolocation ability, helps her see that in a moment of desperation, she can escape to help her friend Dory and he will go with her and be her eyes. She panics because of the walls that are in the ocean; she isn’t ready!

Bailey:  “There are no walls in the ocean.”

Destiny: “No walls?”

Bailey: “It’s your destiny, Destiny.”

Destiny: “Well, why didn’t you say so?” and she swims through her tank, leaps over the tank wall, and flails into the ocean in total abandonment! She is liberated and she can help her friends and go lead a new life. But she didn’t see, literally and figuratively, that she could. It also took trust in someone else to help  her see, experience, and live. image

It took trust in someone else to help me see, experience, and live. I am leaping so that I can further help my family. I am leaping so that I can reach my full potential. It took someone else to help me see in myself what I have always encouraged others to see in themselves! Relationships are powerful. Marriage is powerful. Listen and trust, speak and encourage, and you can move not only mountains, but walls.

What do you want for your life? What walls do you think are blocking you? Who is in your life to encourage and support you?

Love to you and Carpe Diem!



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