Be True – Be You



Sometimes, you have to mix things up! Stimulate your mind and your soul. I rolled out of bed at 5:30am (late for this early bird), and I saw a blue sheen peeking in around the window frame. I wanted to go straight outside to the back porch and practice yoga there, today. Refreshing and rejuvinating in the cool morning air, it was nothing short of majestic.

I am certainly no yogi, but I love the effects of yoga. I also love how the process and practice changes the way we think and how we go about our day-to-day lives. I follow Yoga With Adriene on YouTube, and today’s yoga session was Day 30 of her True series, and it was one of those independent sessions: no verbal instructions, no cues, only music and a visual.

I had eyes on my laptop screen, trying to enjoy the music, the glowing sunrise, and the cool, crisp air. I was trying to watch and follow along. But, it was just awkward, craining my neck while in cobra. IMG_2467

At some point, I stopped trying. I started moving. I realized that I know enough to practice my own flow. I trusted myself, my knowledge, and I created my own experience. I listened to my body, and I knew what I needed, next. The payoff in trusting myself is that I had the quiet and reflection – I had an epiphany about something going on in my life. I was me on the mat; I was true to myself, and I had the best experience possible.


How often do we doubt ourselves? We look to others when we should look inside and trust that we know exactly what we’re doing and can handle whatever comes at us. While on my mat, for the first time, in a long time, I came to the point of reflection, whispered a prayer, and had an awakening.

It’s all about the journey, I think, what brings us to these little bursts of enlightenment and laughing upon reflection, and thinking, “Well, of course. That makes perfect sense. Why didn’t I realize it before?” We weren’t supposed to realize it before. We weren’t ready. The road brought us to a point, and we were able to accept and move forward. It’s kind of how God works.