Yoga me Yes! Indpendent Yoga Practice: Part I


I am entering the busy part of my work schedule. In the past, I have occasionally allowed work to take over and at the end, while I may not look it on the outside, I feel like a hunched-over, joint-popping, creaky crone who can hardly move.  At the beginning of this week, I determined to explore practicing yoga totally on my own for the period of a week. I have documented the sessions on my Instagram account at @emeraldgreenwriter. This is the half-way point in my week-long journey. Best thing is, I don’t feel like that creaky old crone!

First, it was a rough start!

Session 1: I started well, found a great yoga music track on Prime, but I became distracted. Each day, I practice outside while my son is asleep and before my husband leaves for work. I had my baby monitor with me that we still use since we are in a two-story house, and I kept hearing toy sounds. I checked it a few times thinking my son was awake, but I didn’t hear him. Turns out it was a Thomas the Train riding toy going berserk on the back porch. So, I got back to my practice, but I kept thinking about how I would record my journey. I planned posts. I planned blogs. Then, I stopped. I refocused. I finished my session, and I realized how hard it is to turn my “thinking mind” off without a cue from an instructor. I had a lot to work on, the first being focus and remaining present. I decided there are a few poses I wanted to work on each day. It was really amazing to see a friendly neighborhood bumblebee eating its morning breakfast from my painted lady hibiscus. IMG_2507

Session 2: I started recording by days, and I skipped day 2. I know, I made a commitment, and I didn’t even get to day 2. It had been a rough sleep night with the munchkin and a very busy family day. So, I forgave myself, moved on, and started session 2 on the third day. I had much better focus and balance. That was my little mantra: focus and balance. It was wonderful. I love seeing the moon against the light blue and pink sky as the sun rises. Only when I get up early and go outside, do I get to see such sights. I used no music, but I simply let the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds waking to be my background audio calm. IMG_2525

Session 3: I listened to the audio track I found during session 1. Calm and balance. Stillness. Being performance based with years of dance training, cheerleading as a teenager, with yoga, I fall into the habit of wanting to “hit” each pose synchronized with my breath. I want to “do” my yoga correctly. I realized this and caught myself. Yoga is about the journey. It’s more about the journey than the destination. The “how” you move from one “position” or “pose” to another is what gives you strength and builds your muscles, clams your mind, and enriches your spirit. The whole experience can’t exist without the in between, without the journey. So, at the end of my session, I held mountain pose and practiced just “being,” and that is hard to do! It’s difficult to be present. Practice reflects life: enjoy the journey and be present.


Session 4: So-called distractions don’t have to be distracting. Embrace and incorporate. Allow and celebrate. My sweet son walked out on the porch, and I gave him a snuggle and kiss while in warrior 2 position, and I asked if he’d like to go see the bumblebees eating their breakfast. He said yes, and I directed him to the painted lady hibiscus. We talked about his new toy lobster from our friends who brought it back to him from their trip to Main. We named it Larry.

Ultimately, I’m learning to trust myself in my own practice. Without getting too mystical, it is a good time to move, simply be, and experience epiphanies that may not as easily occur without the practice.




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